Team Fredia is reaching out to the community to raise funds to produce this historic and inspirational work of art!


The figure of Fredia Gibbs, as interpreted by Sculptor Jennifer Frudakis-Petry, is inspired by a photo of Fredia which appeared in a 1995 edition of Inside Karate Magazine, appearing on this website’s home page. 

This project pairs a legendary female champion athlete with a female legend in the world of sculpture!


The bronze casting of the monument will be performed by a local foundry, Laran Bronze from Fredia’s hometown, Chester, PA.  The company website states:

“Our team of highly skilled, experience artisans are dedicated to the 10,000 year old tradition of fine bronze casting, blended with new technologies like induction melting, resin bonded sand casting and digital enlarging"


“Serious artists look first and foremost for a foundry with outstanding quality.  Many of our clients spend time at our foundry working hands on with their own pieces.”


Laran Bronze produced the bronze casting for the Emlen Tunnell Statue by Frudakis-Petry, unveiled in 2018 outside the Radnor Township Municipal Building.   Click here for an interesting video depicting the bronze casting process at Laran:

The Fredia “Cheetah” Gibbs

6 Foot Bronze Monument Project


2022-23 Unveiling! 


Heading 2

Emlen bronze pour .JPG